Any relationship can reach a breaking point, which is likely to cause both parties a lot of stress, and if you have tried everything, but things are just not getting any better, perhaps it is time to consult with a divorce lawyer. It doesn’t matter how amicable the separation is, the lawyer is required to help with asset division and also child custody arrangements, and in most cases, the legal expert will mediate with your partner’s legal counsel.

Family Court

In the event an agreement cannot be reached between the two parties, the case is likely to be heard by a family court, which might include:

  • Property and asset division
  • Child Custody and visitation rights
  • Child support

Moral Support

Your lawyer is someone you can talk to, and should you be emotionally charged, it is comforting to have a good listener, and aside from providing you with essential legal advice, your legal counsel can also give you moral support. There are affordable divorce lawyers in Gloucester who can help you and they are only a phone call away.


More often than not, the separation will involve mediation, and in such a case, your lawyer is invaluable, as he or she will do their very best to ensure a favourable outcome. In most cases, an agreement can be reached without the need to go to court, which can be very expensive for both parties.

With so much stress involved, a marriage break up is best experienced with the help of an understanding lawyer, someone who can also give you moral support.

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