A Comprehensive Guide On Scope Of Real Estate Lawyer Services


It is correctly stated that buying a home is the biggest investment decision for an individual, and it is considered to be a daunting and complicated task. Home developers enter the business of selling flats or property to buyers. It is to be noted that real estate lawyers need to check the title of the land when solving property disputes. Real estate lawyers conduct due diligence on the property to determine whether the title to the land is clear or not for development or sale. Contract drafting is one of the key skills that a real estate lawyer must have. A real estate lawyer must possess a thorough knowledge of the various laws, rules, regulations, and by-laws in the real estate sector. To know more please click real estate attorney stpetersburg fl. This article provides a general overview of scope of the services rendered by real estate lawyer.

The scope of the services provided by a real estate lawyer

A real estate lawyer provides multiple services, from checking the title of the land to dispute resolution. One of the primary tasks of a real estate lawyer is to draft contracts, lease agreements, purchase agreements, etc. by incorporating accurate terms and conditions while keeping in mind the applicable rules and regulations of the state. Real estate lawyers are also known for their due diligence with respect to title checks to ensure that there are no liens against the property, the absolute title of the seller, all dues like taxes have been paid, etc. Real estate lawyers often represent their clients in cases of dispute between the parties and secure their interests. It is to be noted that sometimes third-party interest occurs on the property when the real estate transaction is completed; in that case, a real estate attorney drafts title insurance policies.

Real estate lawyers also prepare the closing documents when the whole process of a real estate transaction is completed. While preparing closing documents, a real estate lawyer takes into consideration whether the contracts are properly executed and the filing of necessary documents with appropriate authorities. Real estate lawyers also help with zoning and land use issues.

When is the right time to hire a real estate lawyer?

 It is advisable that when an individual is entering into the sale or purchase of a property, he must avail himself of the services of a real lawyer to review the contracts and ensure that the transaction is in compliance with local laws and regulations. If there is any dispute over the title of the property, it’s the right time to consult a lawyer who can help resolve the conflict through negotiation or litigation. With respect to the drafting of lease agreements, sale agreements, rental agreements, etc., a lawyer can draft the best agreements, which helps in preventing future disputes.


A real estate lawyer is a professional who has specialized knowledge with respect to all laws, rules, and regulations in the real estate sector. Real estate lawyers play an important role in the successful completion of home selling and buying transactions. When an individual is facing any legal issues, such as title defects in property, etc., he should consult a lawyer to ensure that his rights are secured in a real estate transaction.

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