Bakersfield truck accident: Things to understand

A few things are as bad as getting injured in a truck accident. Because of their sheer size and weight, these vehicles can cause massive damage, even in minor crashes. Unfortunately, the number of truck accidents in California is increasing almost every year. Some victims don’t even claim compensation as they aren’t sure where to start or the steps they need to follow. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider talking to Bakersfield truck accident lawyers immediately. In this post, we are sharing details on why such accidents are different, along with aspects you need to know.

Finding fault and liability

In a typical car crash, it is okay to assume that the other driver was at fault. However, truck accidents are different in many ways because there could be many parties at fault. Before you can file a claim, you have to determine the cause of the accident. While the truck driver or trucker could be a liable party, trucking companies are often to blame. For instance, what if the trucking company didn’t take enough precautions while hiring truckers? In some cases, the company in charge of maintaining the vehicle could be at fault, or the loading company may have been negligent. Different companies could own the tractor and trailer of big trucks, which can impact the eventual outcome. It is rather common to find names of many parties in a truck accident claim.

Pure comparative fault rule

You can file a claim and win a settlement in California, even when you are more at fault than the other driver. However, in the case of truck accidents, proving liability can be hard. Insurance companies don’t typically cooperate with victims, as these are for-profit businesses looking for premiums and not claims. They may use your fault as an excuse to deny your claim. You have to be absolutely sure of how to deal with the curveballs of the case.

Call a lawyer

Hiring an attorney after a truck accident is imperative. It would help if you had an unbiased overview of the circumstances and genuine advice on your next steps. A skilled attorney can ensure that you don’t make common mistakes, and more importantly, they can advise on your legal rights and what you can expect from the case. Ideally, you should call a lawyer soon after the accident to get a free case evaluation.

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