Garrett Discovery Computer Forensic Firm That Helps You Win Civil Cases

If you have been involved in a civil litigation case, then you know how frustrating it can be. Whether you are suing a business or a person, things can get complicated quickly. The last thing you want is to spend hours trying to figure out what happened and who is at fault.

At Garrett Discovery Computer Forensic Firm, we help attorneys and clients with their civil litigation cases by providing them with the best possible results. We specialize in computer forensics and cyber security investigations. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are able to recover evidence that will help prove their case against their opponent.

We understand how important it is for our clients to have solid evidence in order to win their civil litigation cases. That’s why we focus on providing the best possible services when it comes down to recovering data from computers and other electronic devices used during these types of cases.

Garrett Discovery Computer Investigator Help Defendants in CFAA Cases

In the past, plaintiffs have been able to use a number of different legal theories to recover damages from defendants in CFAA cases. Now, a group of lawyers are turning their attention to another area of law: computer fraud.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is a federal law that makes it illegal to “exceed authorized access” to protected computers. This includes any way that someone illegally gains access to a computer system or network. Examples include hacking into someone’s email account, or using malware to take control over someone’s computer.

But what if the hacked computer wasn’t protected? What if the hacker didn’t know they were breaking the law? In those cases — and there are many — prosecutors might not be able to win convictions on criminal charges. Instead, they would need to go after the defendants in civil court.

That’s where Garrett Discovery computer investigator come in: We’ve been helping clients fight this type of case for years now, with expert witnesses who can testify about how common computing technology works and whether or not defendants committed crimes when they used it.

Garrett Discovery Intellectual Property Theft & Legal Sanctions

In the wake of the recent patent infringement lawsuit filed by Garrett Discovery Corporation against Apple, the Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the company. The company is accused of stealing trade secrets from Nest Labs and using them to develop its own smart home products.

According to the Department of Justice, “the DOJ has initiated a criminal investigation into claims that Apple colluded with top executives at Nest Labs to steal trade secrets, including proprietary information on Nest’s learning thermostat, smoke alarm and security cameras.”

“Our investigation also uncovered evidence that while these companies were purportedly collaborating on these issues, they were secretly working together on other issues as well. These allegations are as serious as they get…We will find out who was responsible for these actions and hold them accountable.”

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