Dealing with legal issues on your own is never easy. If you are facing criminal charges, going through a divorce, or if you are simply having a legal issue with your neighbor, having an attorney at your side is recommended. The cost of hiring an attorney is sometimes foreboding, prompting many people to try to deal with legal problems on their own. However, this can often lead to disastrous endings. You would like to retain a lawyer for your specific situation, you need to know about the different types of lawyers that you are able to retain.

Common Types Of Attorneys

There are some attorneys that are much more prominent than others, primarily because of the individuals or businesses that they will represent. Some of the more prolific ones are personal injury attorneys like The O’Brien Firm in Buffalo, bankruptcy lawyers, and those that handle family law cases. Other lawyers that are quite numerous include criminal lawyers, and medical malpractice attorneys and DUI lawyers, all of which represent tens of thousands of clients on an annual basis. These are also some of the most lucrative legal professions because of how much can be obtained if they are able to win their case.

Attorneys That Earn The Most Money

There are certain attorneys that earn more than others. Part of that reason has to do with how much they charge per hour. The other reason has to do with the amount of the settlements. At the top of the list are medical malpractice lawyers. They can charge anywhere from $300 an hour on up, and are able to sometimes settle cases for multiple millions of dollars. Intellectual property attorneys can also earn a substantial amount of money, just like trial lawyers. Tax attorneys and corporate lawyers are also on this list, many of which are capable of earning millions of dollars per case.

Attorneys That Are Most Commonly Used

The attorneys that tend to be the highest in demand are family law attorneys. Additionally, business lawyers, employment and labor law attorneys, plus mergers and acquisitions lawyers will also be highly coveted. Since nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, attorneys need to be there for most of them. There is also an incredible number of intellectual property issues, as well as business deals, that will need an attorney to deal with these situations.

Additional Lawyers That You May Need

There are a few other lawyers that you may need to retain at some point in your life. For example, if someone is contesting a will or preparing a living will or trust, an estate planning lawyer will be necessary. If you have a problem related to the Internet, you may need to retain a digital media and Internet lawyer. These are attorneys that are becoming more in demand with modern technology. Finally, there are entertainment, immigration, and professional responsibility lawyers that are also available. Each one will specialize in a specific area of the law so they can provide their clients with the help that they need.

Although most people think of lawyers as being skilled in all areas of the law, that is simply not the case. You now know that there are many different types, each of which specializes in a specific area of the law. Likewise, the attorney that you choose must have passed the bar in your particular state to practice law. There are many variations of what we commonly refer to as a lawyer, experts that we will often need to help resolve all matters.

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