To some people, joining their partner living in Australia is an extraordinary dream. But to many, turning their vision into reality is now made easy. Most partners opt to accomplish marriage before they reach Australia to speed up the processing of their visa. It’s vital to know the various partner visa options and criteria. If the process of obtaining a permit is intricate for you, check the information below to guide you so that you’ll know where to start and be eligible for a partner visa.

If You Have a Foreign Citizenship and Your Spouse is Australian

Here are the things that must be accomplished to migrate to Australia if you’re not an Australian citizen but, your partner is:

  • Documentation is required to support your visa application.
  • You and your partner must be legally married.
  • Australian law will recognize your marriage if it’s valid even if the marital happened outside the country.
  • Your Australian spouse will sponsor you.
  • Both spouses should exude authentic and continuous relationship with each other.
  • You must prove that you’re living with your partner.
  • If both of you are not living together, it must only be temporary.
  • You need to meet character and health requirements such as having a clear medical record and no criminal offense.

Advantages of Australian Permanent Visa

Once you’ve been granted with a permanent visa, you’ll avail these:

  • You can stay in Australia indeterminately.
  • You can study or work in the country.
  • You’ll be eligible to have Australian citizenship.
  • You’ll have the chance to sponsor your qualified relatives for long-lasting residence in Australia.
  • You can travel to and from the country which is valid for five years.

Australian Partner Visa

Australian partner visa is a temporary visa stream that will enable you to:

  • Visit and stay in the country while waiting for the decision on a permanent visa request
  • Have a job in Australia
  • You can enroll for health-related packages in the country like Medicare.
  • You can include your dependent children in your application.

Take note: Other dependent relatives can’t be included in your application.

What You Can Gain from Family and Partnership Visa Specialists

If you’re looking for migration agents, especially in Melbourne, try the free online assessment available. Family and partnership visa specialists can answer your questions and help you achieve these:

  • A partnership visa sponsored by your Australian spouse or de facto partner
  • Considering a prospective marriage visa if you’re engaged to an Australian
  • Migrating to Australia with your New Zealand citizen partner

Take note: To process your online application, certified copies of your original documents must be submitted. If immigration necessitates, you may need to provide the original papers.

One More Thing Before You Go

A test to qualify for a visa to move to Australia can now be processed conveniently. Consider the Spouse Visa Australia checklist mentioned above to speed up the process of accomplishing your migration to Australia. Your application would be simple and stress-free. Family and partnership visa specialists can expertly help you unite with your loved ones by obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

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