If you decide to meet with a family lawyer from Ken Phillips Family Law to discuss your situation, it’s important to prepare relevant information. Relevant here depends on the problems on your divorce case such as the involvement of kids as well as significant assets and debts. Before you meet your lawyer, make sure you do the following:

Know what to Ask in Advance

To make sure you get the most out of your attorney consultation, prepare your questions in advance. While you may have relevant questions in mind during the consultation, you want to ensure you get answers to the most important ones. Write your questions down. If there are still you want to ask your attorney but you are not sure, use the internet to get some information. Writing down your questions for the initial consultation allows you to concentrate on the answers your attorney will give you rather than trying think of the next questions.

Bring Important Documents

A divorce case requires lots of documents but you need to present relevant ones during your lawyer consultation. Expect your lawyer to request more documents associated with your case. Bank statements, tax returns, and credit card statements are some of the most important documents you must bring. For issues associated with your child, bring report cards, therapy records, and medical records. These documents will help your lawyer understand your problem.

Bring a Companion

Bringing somebody to your initial consultation can be quite useful. However, make sure you trust that person as the consultation can involve divulging confidential records. You will bring the person there to get some emotional support and help you in communicating relevant information. But, keep in mind that the lawyer may want to discuss certain things in closed doors. Thus, the may request your companion to be out of the picture. This is also to prevent the person from bringing their own experiences to the consultation.

Ask Questions

Keep in mind that your initial consultation with your attorney is to get answers to your questions and get to know them. You want to make sure the attorney is easy to get along with and that they make you comfortable. Your relationship with them will play a role in your case’s success. You should be able to feel a sense of confidence and trust in your chosen lawyer to make the representation effective. The way your attorney responds to your questions and concerns would tell what kind of legal counsel he is.

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